Союз пациентов снова попросил правительство увеличить бюджет ВЗН

Союз пациентов снова попросил правительство увеличить бюджет ВЗН

Комиссия по формированию лекарственных перечней Минздрава отказалась включить в перечень ВЗН новые препараты из-за дефицита бюджета. Во Всероссийском союзе пациентов считают, что установленные государством правила формирования перечня лекарств стали препятствием для попадания в программу инновационных препаратов, и просят правительство решить эту проблему.

Союзы. Видеоурок 35. Русский язык 10 класс

Сегодня на уроке русского языка мы рассмотрим союзы и правописание союзов.

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Правописание союзов (7 класс, видеоурок-презентация)

Видеоурок по русскому языку для 7 класса.
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More Equal Animals — by Daniel Larimer — audiobook read by Chuck MacDonald

More Equal Animals — The Subtle Art of True Democracy — audiobook

by Daniel Larimer

Audiobook read by Chuck MacDonald


The principles in this book are the foundation upon which Eden, the EOS Governance Layer, is built.

Eden is a hierarchal democracy designed for more inclusion and transparency in representative community governance systems.

Eden takes a fractal approach to governance which ensures the dominance hierarchy doesn’t stagnate nor devolve due to adverse selection. It is based on limits of biology such as Dunbar to create a sustainable life giving community governance.

EdenOS is the blockchain contract that hosts Eden.

Led by Dan Larimer, EOS is the first (v1.0) community to put Eden to test as as a potential tool for more inclusion and transparency in representative governance systems.

Eden has the potential to improve stability, security, and efficiency of communities in general. Eden on EOS is just the first prove-out of this exciting new technology.

The internet has absorbed vast shares across all markets. First, books on Amazon and music on Apple, then cryptocurrency on the world economy as a whole.

Now, we are discovering that we are able to bring our attention to governance, as a way to harden, to protect our very valuable new crypto economies.

Today, there is a major concern within the status quo where anonymous mining pools that govern chains like Bitcoin are potentially corrupted with new powers to create, as an example, backroom deals for applying hash power, or purposely stalled transactions, or precision front-running operations that exploit code vulnerabilities, and tend to cheapen and corrupt these networks.

So, the call for overcoming these new potential artifacts of stagnation is here, and it’s super exciting to be able to speak to this need in as a rapid response, just-in-time candidate governance solutions model, Eden.

Welcome to v1 of the internetification of Governance. That is, Eden on EOS.

Where we may afford ourselves the chance, to ALL become..

More Equal Animals..

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